Services from Leading Crane Manufacturer in India

When there is a need of best and top class crane manufacturers, Santek Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is the people’s first choice. We are one of the leading Indian companies with more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of cranes and material handling equipment. Our main activity is the manufacture of cranes, hoists, bridge cranes and components for cranes, although we also design and manufacture Gantry, Jib, Under slug, lift, EOT, Goliath cranes and other types of lifting elements. We are crane manufacturers and their parts to construction, Transport, vehicles, maintenance, industrial services, repair and road transport. We have a wide variety of cranes for general use and special design of cranes for specific uses. We also have accessories and spare parts for our cranes, so you get the perfect support.


We have an area of engineering and design for the development of all types of cranes, with the special selection of steels by weights and resistances. We make special orders and customization of cranes. We use the highest quality materials, we make the development and application of new trends; to be at the forefront of the service of tow cranes, transfer and salvage vehicles. We offer a great variety of lifting equipment and we have an extensive service network that covers the entire national territory.

Being one of the leading crane manufacturers, Santek has its own original crane parts, which can guarantee optimum performance even in conditions of maximum crane operational commitment. Performance of the crane components are mounted on the crane in the company during the productive phase. They are therefore an integral part of a quality system in relation to all parts, carefully controlled. Santek authorized workshops are in direct contact with the warehouse to make available the whole range of spare parts with ways to serve the customer in the most satisfactory way.

Our cranes are compact units, practical for the short distance that they have count with an excellent mobility. Our cranes have different lengths and capacities depending on the load requirement. Cranes can also be installed a wheel lift, to have a greater number of cargo, and with it to be able to drag a vehicle. Our lifting cranes are very large and powerful cranes that are used to rescue vehicles from difficult locations and to carry very heavy vehicles. These cranes have the particularity of assisting in the help of trucks and tract trucks damaged in roads or cities. Combining all these modern features makes Santek as one of the best crane manufacturers.