Factors to Consider Before Buying Cranes

For people interested in buying cranes in India, this post should come in handy. In construction industry cranes have a very crucial role to play. They’re used for lifting heavy material and machinery with pulleys and cables. The most important criteria for choosing a crane in India or anywhere else should include lifting capacity and strength of the machine.

While the primary parts of a common crane are winders, chains, ropes, cables, and a level-pulley system; the lever and technology used helps to reduce the level of force required to lift and move heavy material.

If you are buying your first crane in India this post will help you to make an informed decision. There are three types of cranes i.e. Jib Cranes, EOT Cranes, & Goliath Cranes. And the when it comes to its designs, they can be enclosed track systems, I-beam systems, and external track systems. Each cranes designed with correct engineering, so it  serves smoothly  & easy to handle.

jib crane-05-07 Jib crane is suited for stationary work taking place in a small area, where something needs to be moved from one particular spot to another. For example when finished material has to be packed in boxes or lifting the product from one machine and dropping in another etc in such situations jibe helps.  Also any job that requires frequent use of tool in a specific area uses jib cranes.


single-eotThen there are E.O.T. cranes, where EOT stands for Electric Overhead Travelling. EOT cranes are used for transporting optimum weight of the components within a specified area. They are used for different kinds of loading & unloading; widely used in construction and engineering industries. These can be operated manually as well as electronically. For those interested in electronically operated machines have following options viz. Bridge girders, End carriages, Hoisting trolley/crab, Long travel machinery, and Driver’s cabin or Floor operation. There are technical specifications to be followed while erecting these cranes keeping safety and using it at its optimum in mind. Also these require professional expertise when it comes to maintenance, operating etc. There are safety practices recommended at every stage.

goliath crane-santekGoliath cranes are in high demand in outdoor applications such construction sites, ship yards, or when rails are laid on ground and offer an economical solution to bridge cranes when the building is inadequate to support a bridge. Generally used for transporting materials from outdoor to indoor area.  These make for cost effective and economical solutions as you don’t require concrete foundations, runway beam and columns etc. With goliath cranes you don’t require workshop building etc and hence capital cost gets reduced in a big way.  Buyers keep capacity of goliath cranes in mind while placing the order. There are single Girder cranes that come with up to 50 ton capacities and then there are Double Girder Cranes that are available in 100 ton capacity and more…. There are different spans to choose from.

Before you have decided to place an order for the crane you should carefully consider your exact requirements, in terms of application or its use, whether your site has the infrastructure to install it and be able to use it to its optimum. Besides also consider the environment. For example will it be used indoor or outdoor, will it have to bear extreme changes in temperature etc because based on the environment the material will be used that can withstand all these seasonal issues.

It is best to take help of an expert before finalizing the order.


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